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Club Penguin Times Issue #342

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Medieval Metamorphosis!


Grab your armor, dig our your dragon costumes. The island is going medieval! "It's a transformation!" said one penguin. "It's like we're all being pulled into a story!" "Yes precisely..." added Gary the Gadget Guy...


The Medieval party is an annual event in Club Penguin. But this year it seems to be taking a urn for the magical. "We don't need to decorate very much.." said an elf, "By the looks of those mushrooms at the Lighthouse, things are popping up on their own." At the current rate of transformation, the island will completely change by May 17. The Club penguin times spoke with Gary for his opinion on the strange situation. "This year will be very different," he said quietly. "If the legends are true, then we are in need of heroes. I must go. There are many things I need to attend to. But heed my words friends, you must prepare. On May 17, there will be a great battle."

Strange Shadows Spotted
Have you noticed any unusual shadows lately? Or heard the sound of distant roars? You're not alone. Penguins from all over the island are reporting strange sightings of a large "Unidentified Flying Object" "I was at the Docks doing some breakdancing," said one penguin "When all of a sudden I saw this HUGE thing flying int he sky. If flew by so fast I couldn't tell was it was" Sightings have been reported at the Docks, the Town Center, and the Ski Village. Experts are baffled. "It's not a jet pack, I'll tell you that" said a penguin in a suit. "everyone should remain calm. we'll figure it out." Gary the Gadget guy noted experts on unusual phenomena could not be reached for comment
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