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Club Penguin Times Issue #356

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Ancient Totem Curse?


Ahoy there mateys! Are ye ready for a RUCKUS?! We be coming at ye fast. And me ship be packed with exotic fruit and rare treasure. Avast! I've a load of loot the likes of which ye've never seen! But I bet wantin' to warn ye of one thing...

Lately, I be noticin' somthing mighty peculiar...
So there i was, sailing the open sea whith me first mate yarr, when I suddenly heard a strange noise below deck. So I raced down, and ye'll never belive what I saw.
It be the totem we took from the ancient temple, rattin' and shaking, grumbling like the stomach of a starving squid. And it might be me eyes, but I think it be bigger than when we brought it aboard. Arr! I be thinking it might be cursed!
Of course it'll take more than THAT to make Captian Rockhopper miss a party! I'll see ye at the beach on August 23!
Fair winds me hearties!
P.s - did ye know that pineapple be great with stinky cheese? It be the perfect snak to settle a pirate's stomach on the choppy seas!
HAHA! Stinky cheese. Gotta try that! And I hope the totem pole ISN'T cursed... then again if it is, what an adventure!
Hmmmm seems a lot like Fruit Ninja, the iPhone game right? Oh well I'll try it!
And the upcoming events!
Seems pretty cool! Im SUPA PUMPED for the new party!
Waddle ON CPL!


#1 carla23453 2012-11-26 07:41
┬┐rochopper is island secret?

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