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Ruby And The Ruby Is Back At The Stage!!!

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Remember the last time Club Penguin put out the play "Ruby And The Ruby"? It's here again. Same old costumes, same old pin cheat. Anyways, here is the way to get the pin, if you haven't already.


Club Penguin Ruby and the Ruby Pin Cheat

Club Penguin Ruby and the Ruby Pin Cheat


1. Go to the stage

2. Click on theses things in *ORDER*: File cabinet, trash can, book, vase, painting

3. Click on the safe behind the painting.

4. Receive the ruby pin.


Club Penguin Ruby Pin Cheat

Club Penguin Ruby Pin Cheat


And here are the same old clothing cheats for this play.


1. Dark Detective's Coat

Club Penguin Dark Detective's CoatClub Penguin Dark Detective's Coat


2. *SECRET* Noir Backround: go to the back of the book, and pull down the paragraph that tells you about how to get coins.


Club Penguin Secret Noir Background How to Get Coins

Club Penguin Secret Noir Background How to Get Coins


Pretty cool right??? But we haven't have a new play in a while...



#5 lolo 2010-07-12 21:26
i love cheats
#4 Finel 2009-10-20 20:31
PLZZ TELL ME LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
#3 Fine Langi 2009-10-10 15:19
When Ruby and the Ruby comin back yo
#2 Sadie1823 2009-07-14 18:37
I love Ruby and the Ruby
I forgot how to get the pin from last time when my penguin was a member its so cool what do you think and how many rubys penguins are there now theres a million and one
#1 PeteW Rockz 2009-07-11 15:28
besides reading thid page, hows any other penguin expected to find the pin?

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