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Club Penguin Times Issue 196

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Is anyone still doing the 101 Days Of Fun? Well for those of you that are, here is what you need to do this week.


July 16: Select a Porchegese server, and say,"Penguinando!". It's like saying,"Waddle On!". See if you can get 5 penguins to say it back to you.


July 17: Rock? Country? Pop? Get your outfit, instruments, and friends! Check every stage, pick your favorite, and get 5 penguins dancing!


July 18: The new furniture is out! Make your igloo the coolest place to rock and then invite 10 penguins to a loud igloo party!


July 19:  Use your all access pass to get behind the scenes. Find a penguin to interview about their favorite times jamming with their band!


July 20: Find a cool and tell them you'd like to help them out! Grab them a pizza or dance to their music!


July 21: Wackiest Music Jam outfit day! Gather other penguins and cram the Lighthouse stage wearing your wackiest outfits!


July 22: Make your igloo an airplane and pretend to fly over the whole world!


Here is the upcoming events:


July 17 - 26: Music Jam!!!!!


July 17 - 26: Music Catalog NOTE: must be able to get backstage.


July 24 - 29: Choose a new CP color: Lavender, Maroon, and Aqua.


July 17 - August 20: New Furniture Catalog


This is also petty cool; CP gave us a map of the island with the team's top 5 favorite Music Jam stages. Take a look.


Club Penguin Island Music Jam Map

Club Penguin Island Music Jam Map


Other than that: which color are you going to choose as a new color? Lavender, Aqua, or Maroon? Wow this Friday is going to be AWESOME!!!! Club Penguin is having the Music Jam, New Collectible Pin, and a new Furniture Catalog. So you ready for this awesomeness? Well GET READY TO ROCK!!!


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