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Happy77 Talks About The Stage and Melmon the Monster

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Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal will be back at the stage on Friday, and so Happy77 give an interview to one of the Club Penguin artists. Here's how it went:


Q: So is it true? Will there be a monster who helps Squidzoid try to destroy the city at the Stage?
A: It's true. He just might be our biggest monster ever! I'm sure Squidzoid can control him though. 80% sure.


Melmon The Monster

Melmon The Monster


Q: Why did you decide Squidzoid needed help?
A: Well I don't want to say he needed the help, but the last few monsters didn't exactly do much to help out. It seems only fair that Squidzoid has a partner since there's a Shadow Guy and a Gamma Gal.


Q: You mean we'll be able to do MORE than just look at this monster?
A: Um...Oh would you look at that. I'm late for my pumpkin-carving lesson!

Wow... I wonder if that's true. Anyway, here is the sneak peek of the new monster. Most likely named Melmon, because if you scroll over the picture on the "What's New?" blog, it says "Melmon".




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this is so coll

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