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New Racing Sleds Are Here Early

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What is the deal here? First the new Fire Dojo game is out early, and now the new Racing sleds that were supposed to come out tomorrow are here today! I think Club Penguin is making up for the Furniture catalog that was out late last Friday. Check it out:


New Racing Sleds

New Racing Sleds


Coolz... this is awesome, but like always... it's for members only. :-(


Here's how to race with them in the game. Walk to the game with the sled on you, and you will be in the game sledding with it.


So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat until you exploded?  LOL! Do you celebrate Thanksgiving where you live?  Happy Thanksgiving!



#1 bradleya 2009-11-26 18:11
icerink returns tonight at 12am

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