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Club Penguin Advertises On Disney's Homepage

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Ok I know that everyone has been going crazy and wondering why there are no new updates on Club Penguin. Well I think I figured out the reason check this out:


I guess that Club Penguin is getting their site advertised because it is on the front page of the Disney home page. It also looks like they dedicated the page to the all new Card Jitsu Fire. If you wanna check it out you can go here.

Still the catalog, the pin, and the fireworks are all late, and i mean REALLY late I mean it's almost 1:00 PM where I live I mean come on CP!!!

-Happy New Year!-



#1 Taco Peace 2010-01-01 15:43
Almost 7:00 pm for me and still no new updates! Everyone is getting really mad at CP right now :sad:

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