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Happy77 Talks About New 9" Plush Toys Coming Soon!

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How many of you think bigger is better? Well that's what Club Penguin is doing their taking the 6" plush toys and making new 9" plush toys! Cool! Happy77 also did an interview. Here's how it went:


Q: The orange puffle seems pretty loved. But what else is new?
A: The newest toys are some 9" stuffed toy penguins - there are a few different ones - including Rockhopper!


Q: Where can we get them?
A: They'll be in Disneyland Resort in California and at Walt Disney World, Florida really soon - and the team's working hard to get them in more places, too - like in Disney Stores and at the CP Online Store Keep checking those places. Also, each one comes with a code to unlock items online. And we've updated the Treasure Book!


Q: What should we do if we have toy ideas?
A: Give us all your feedback. Tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see in the future!


Cool! I have an idea! Make mini rooms like the Coffe Shop or Pizza Parlor and have little penguins to go with it! LOL!


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