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Series 7 Mix 'N Match Firgure And Series 4 Puffle Sneak Peek!

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Cool! There's new Series 7 Mix 'N Match toys out! Here's what the new ones are:

 Rockhopper With Treasure:


This comes with Rochopper, Yarr, A Treasure chest, and a Boat


Band Member Party Pack:


He comes with a turn table, a collectible figure, and a lava lamp! Woot! The lava lamp is so cute! I just love little things!


Bunny Costume And Shamrock Dress:



Comes with 2 collectible figures, and a "Pot Of Gold"


Baseball Player And Referee:



Comes with 2 collectible figures and a podcorn stand! Yum!


Pharoah And Mummy:



Comes with 2 collectible figures, and a golden puffle.. This is same old same old from series 2 :(


Also there's a new series 4 puffle toys. All the regular colors, except for this little guy: The white puffle which I have been waiting for so long! How come they can come out with the white puffle after the orange one? So rude to the white puffle ;-) lol!



Cool new figures right?




#3 toby 2012-01-08 00:05
i'v got the puffle
#2 Smiley123 2011-02-06 02:32
What is that look on the puffle's face?
#1 daisypup12 2010-03-15 18:58
what the

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