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Reviewed By You!

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Club Penguin has released another Reviewed By You. Last week's question was what are you doing to prepare for the Penguin Play Awards. They picked Yoshi96's answer. This is what it said:


Me and my friends are throwing our very OWN Penguin Play Awards right in my igloo! I've got the stage, some snacks, a backstage, the velvet ropes, and the red carpets all set up. We're celebrating before the Awards so that we know what to choose during the Awards. By the time that the Penguin Play Awards start, we'll already have our Plays chosen! ;)

This week Club penguin wants to know what the best party you've ever created? Well I think mine is before I started this blog, I had loads of free time, and during the summer I though hey why not make my igloo into a water park? I thought it was a really cool idea and got to work on it, By the time it was finished, it has a baby pool, and lake, a water slide, and loads of people! I was so glad that it had a huge success. I'll have to get you all a picture someday. Hey maybe we can have a summer party with that theme! LOL! 


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