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Club Penguin Awards Party: Arts And Crafts Activity

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I was just browsing around Club Penguin and I knowticed that even though the Penguin Play Awards are over you can still have the fun with this activity:



{BTW I couldn't get the entire picture but you can see it here}It's pretty cool you can get together and make your own Penguin Play Awards at you own home! I did it and I think it's pretty cool!



#1 Becky 2011-01-16 10:46
Thanks for posting this on your wall.It's my birthday in 14 days and my best friend and I LOVE club penguin.I was looking on this website for some to do at my birthday with Ellie(Club penguin of course.) Now I know that I'm so going to dothis but I'm going to make t a sleepover.

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