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Club Penguin Times April Fools Edition!

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Lol This is probably my favorite newspaper of the year! It has loads of wackiness and cool surprises...

On the first page try clicking on Rookie's hat (you'll be seeing him a lot in this newspaper)


And an aplause button that really makes a clapping sound on A5:



Ask Rookie instead of Ask Aunt Arctic(didn't I tell you you'd be seeing Rookie a lot!)



Sensei Events? LOL!


Thats funny!

Ok if you turn the page you'll see the REAL events that are coming up:


April 4: April Fools Party ends

April 9: New Mail System

April 16: New Furniture Catalog and Igloo Upgrades



#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-04-08 06:50
I know right? I just love this issue of the CPT!
#1 Jolly233 2010-04-06 20:47
hilarious !!

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