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Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #234

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Earth Day is almost here! There will be a party too! The Club Penguin Times has an article about it so let's get started on the newspaper!


Ok so on A2 The article's taking all about Earth Day on April 22.  For Earth Day, penguin's said that the Mine needed the most work done on it so we're probably going to have to fix it up! Cool!



Also Gary The Gadget Guy, suggested a recycling center. COOL!



On page A4, the Furniture Catalog is coming out in 2 weeks, and so the Club Penguin Times said that a lot of the furniture items will be Earth friendly. I thin k that means that there's going to be a lot of tree and plants for your igloo!earth-day-club-penguin-times2


The upcoming events are:

April 9: New Mail System, and New Pin

April 16: New Furniture Catalog and new Igloo Upgrades Catalog


This week stuff isn't that good but next week will be awesome!

Are you excited for Earth Day? I'm always excited for a party!



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