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Club Penguin Is "All Buttery Wth Excitement!!" LOL!

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Remember at the end of Mission 11 how Herbert blew up at least 10 tons of popcorn??? Well Club Penguin has updated Club Penguin to have Ski Village, The Sport's Shop, and the PSA HQ all covered in popcorn! That is going to be some serios eating going on in Club Penguin!!! Here's what it looks like:


Ski VIllage:



Sport's Shop:



And HQ:



I can't believe Herbert did this to us!!! I love the PSA HQ!!! Might as well play in that room while I still can :(

I wonder what the PSA is going to do with all this popcorn....



#2 jujujujujujuju cp lol 2010-05-24 14:33
yea how i dk at all
#1 poppy 2010-05-23 02:10
how do you eat it

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