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EPF Is Now Open!!

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This is it! Go into Ski Village and into the former Sports Shop :( Which is now the EPF training base.


Once you're inside of there, click on you spyphone. Then you will start your test. First shrough a snowball at the target that comes. Then go over to the green square, and run over to the red square as fast as you can! Then hide in one of the bottom pillars. After that, DONT run over to the blue square. Congradulations, you are now an EPF agent! Wohoo!




The best part about the test is you can take it again and again even if you're already an agent!

The EPF base ends up looking like this.



It still needs a bit of work but it'll be very cool!


When you first go up the elevator you will get into the room. You spyphone will be traded for the new EPF tool (this iphone looking thing) and this message:


The spyphone:



The first two are blocked... I wonder why. Then the next one is a penguin teleporter that is updated with all the new rooms (dojo courtyard, underground cave, iceberg etc.) Pretty cool. Then there's the mail button is for sending penguins mesages to come join the epf. You can find this under the EPF section of the postcards. Last but not least, is the puffle whisle. This is used if you bought herbert's revenge, and plugged in the code you get these items:



One of these items is to activate the puffle whisle to call flare. It's cool, but for members only.


Also NONMEMBERS CAN NOW JOIN THE EPF!!! WOHOO!! Yea!! If you are a non-member, go to your mailbox and you'll have a letter that looks like this. But before it looks like that, click on the bottom part of the letter (it's animated.) the click go there:



Wow I've never ever seen a card like that JUST for nonmembers!! Go join the EPF NOW!!!


This is NOT only for non-members. I just logged into my member account, and I got that same message


Club Penguin also made a log-in page for the epf. Here's what it looks like:



Well it definatly looks like EPF is now the future for club penguin.



#5 Hong Hong2000 2012-04-19 11:30
Hi Just wondering if its only the black puffle you can get.
#4 sk8tergrl483 2010-05-29 12:01
The items above, ok. You must get the herbert's revenge game, and enter in the code found with the stuff of the side of the box. The puffle comes with it.
If you want to unlock the treasure book, you can enter in any code that came with any club penguin toy. Go to the link below to plug in your code.
Helping like always!
#3 sk8tergrl483 2010-05-29 11:59
To unlock go to this link:
Then choose your penguin, and choose between code or book. Then eter the code, or answer the questiion
Helping as always!
#2 haley 2010-05-28 17:04
well how do u get the puffle and outfit unlock items or treasure book????
#1 haley 2010-05-28 17:03
Wait Unlock Where And How?

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