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Screenhog's Don't Miss List!

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Like every party, Screenhog has a don't miss list of stuff he doesn't want us to miss. Here's some stuff at the Advenutre Party you don't want to miss:



  • Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog. Rockhopper's only here for a short time - so make sure to grab your free Squid Lid!
  • The great Ship Battle room - Members, don't forget to dress up (We've seen some interesting battles. Like the Pirates vs. Kings!)
  • Fireflies in the Forest - Can you get them to light up? (Hint: get more penguins in there!)
  • Snowball-eating plant in the Forest!
  • Scavenger Hunt - and the treasure you dig for!
  • The new entrance to the Hidden Lake - I hear this will be sticking around after the party.
  • Stand at the Iceberg and wait - you might see something unexpected...

I really love this Adventure party. I can't believe it is almost over :(



#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-06-27 07:54
me too :sad:
#1 ghknck 2010-06-26 07:05
I like the adventure party but i will be sad when it is over

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