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Ultimate Field Op Reviewed By You

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Last week Club Penguin wanted to know what the Ultimate Field Op would be. Here's what Chilli 2 said:



It's a situation where Klutzy figured out a way to change all the blue signs with white arrows throughout the paths of Club Penguin. The arrows would be pointing to different directions, and many penguins would be lost in the wilderness. It would be an EPF Agent's job to rescue the penguins, fix all the signs back to normal, and importantly save Rookie, who gets lost in a place full of marshmallows!


Woah Chilli! Talk about ultimate!!

Since the new Clothing catalog is coming out on Thursday and it's featuring music Club Penguin wants to know if you have a favorite instrument to play.

I play the acoustic guitar and a bit of piano. But I just LOVE to play my guitar :)


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