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Club Penguin Times Issue: 249

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On Page A2 it talks about stamps.. these will be avalible on July 27! Yippee!


We will also be able to share our pins in this book too!



On Page A4 It talks about how to earn stamps


  1. open your player card and click on the stamp
  2. Mouse over the spots where the stamps are for instructions on how to earn them. Members can cousmize their books!
  3. Take part in the event
  4. Youve earned a stamp! Collect them all!

On page A6 it talks about the new Lighthouse Catalog

On page B1 the n focus section is the Jet Pack Adventure

And last but not least the Upcoming Events:



August 6: New Clothing Catalog

August 20: New Better igloo and igloo upgrades catalog

July 30: New pin hidden!


I can't wait for the new stamps!



#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-07-26 05:44
hi kittygrrll1!
They were an old item from like a year or 2 ago so yup
Hope this helped!

#1 kittygrrll1 2010-07-22 06:48
hey i have a question. i have those blue sparkly shoes Sugar Spice is wearing, but theres these ones just like them but there purple. ive asked penguins, were did u get those shoes, and all they say is, idk, and i was wondering if anybody knew how to get them, or if they were a old item, what catalog were they in, OR if they were in a treasure book, what one. thanks! ~kittygrrll1

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