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Stamps or pins... Which will be cooler :D

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LOL... This post is about the stamps or pins. As we all know we will all get a stamp book on Tuesday (or even earlier lol) and we will be able to show off our pins and stamps. The buzz around Club Penguin right now is will stamps be a total bust or will they be even better than the pins we already have! Here's some pointers on pins and stamps:



  • They make up the history of CP
  • Not one pin is the same to another... they're all different
  • They can show how old you are... if your REALLY old you may even have the first pin ever made!
  • They can be accessed by everyone
  • And I have nothing else lol


  • They're new they're cool and they're coming soon! XD
  • We will all be able to access them
  • We will all get a stamp book to collect them in
  • Some stamps we will have to work together for
What do you think... Stamps or Pins? Vote on the sidebar right now! I like them both... but that's just me :P

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