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Club Penguin Times Issue: 251

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Stamp Book Style!



Page A2 talks about showing off your stampbook. Looks like stamps will come EVERY MONTH! Yay!



Page A4 talks about the Mountain Expetition. Apparently jet packs can't fly you high enough to the tallest mountain, but they did see something up at the top. We will need to climb! I'll start training right away! lol!



On page B1 the in focus section talks about Cachin' Waves


On pace C5 there's a word search here's the picture you get at the end:



And last but not least the upcoming events:



August 13: Mountain Expetition, New Pin

August 20: Better Igloos Igloo Upgrades and New Postcards


I can't wait for new stamps and the mountain expetition!



#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-08-06 18:58
Same here a while back cp said you would be able to cousomize your igloo!! Also there a 2 story igloo coming I think!! Either way I just can't wait!
#1 123pbandj 2010-08-05 10:58
I cant wait for some new igloo upgrades!

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