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Field Op STAMPS :):)

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Today after I did field op 13 I recieved this stamp:



This was for one field op medal! I went into my stampbook and now you can get field op stamps! Just save up medals! Here's the stamps:


5 Field Op Medals

10 Field Op Medals



25 Field Op Medals

50 Field Op Medals!!! WOW!



Just save up your medals... this is going to take a REALLY long time :) The only ones that can be accessed right now are the 1, 5, and 10 Field Op Medals :) I can't wait to earn these!



#2 Rubbatubby8 2010-09-08 14:03
hey skate i saw your rockhoper post. congrats. i met rockhopper too. i was lucky enough to get a pic with rh by himself and his name showing. if you want it email me cuz i forgot your email. xD
#1 Sheesh4 2010-09-07 15:16
That is so cool! I always do the field ops, and now, I can even get stamps for them! =D

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