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Card Jistsu Update And The Weeks Other News

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Yay!!! It's here! So remember in earlier posts that Club Penguin said that they would have a Card Jitsu update? They just came out with it!!!

Image of Card Jitsu from Club Penguin

Image of Card Jitsu from Club Penguin

It shows you your not only your cards, but your progress toward your next belt too ;-).
Oh yea I almost forgot... today's Thursday and the new newspaper comes out... here are the events.

May 29: new igloo music comes out and the new Sports Catalog comes out ( but they didn't post it in the events page hm whats up with that???)

May 31: Rockhopper leaves... TRY TO FIND HIM HE'S AWESOME!!!

June 5: new clothing Catalog

June 12-16: The Adventure Party!!!( Wow that explains all the plants ;-)

Image of newspaper for Club Penguin

Wow some events!!! The adventure party sound good... but I like all of them. Well that's this week's news!!! See ya tommorrow for the cheats, and music!!!!



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I Don't Know About This? Its A Little Confusing?

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