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My Water Dojo Practice Room!

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Since Water Card Jitsu is coming I have to get prepared so I made a special igloo to to get ready for card jitsu water :) Look! Even Sensei is here!!!! Lol!



So do you like my training Dojo? I worked hard on it :)



#5 Alton6213 2010-11-13 09:50
Is that really sensei or no?!
#4 Cutie12390 2010-11-12 21:39
If it was real Sensei, he would be having like a party with you. lol
#3 hello 2010-11-10 18:00
#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-11-10 13:20
yea its photoshopped :-)
#1 maribm 2010-11-09 15:20
Is that the real sensei or was he photoshoped in there!!???
lol love ya skata

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