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101 Days Of Fun

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Yup so much to do... but so little time. Anyway the adventures have begun and are waiting for you to start them, and these seem pretty fun. Well here is the checklist for the week...

June 4: Turn blue and find the pin... try to lead 25 penguins
June 5: Put on your construction suit and grabs ten buddies to dirll with you
June 6: Get into the secret levels in Astro Barrier
June 7: Wear a warm-weather outfit and parade to the cove for snowball fight
June 8: Win the big fish on Ice Fishing- hint save a fish for fluffy
June 9: Grab a viking helmet and circle around the island saying"Hiking Vikings!!!"
June 10: Before you log into Clubpenguin, go to the blog and help pick the new pin!!!

Wow Club Penguin is so cool.

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