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Mini-Game Reviewed By You!

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while... I;ve had sports practices and TONS of studying and homework... =/ BLAHH!!! Homework XD

Anyway Billybob posted a couple days ago the Reviewed By You. Last week they wanted to know what mini-game you would make. Here's what Rolo23 said:



i would make a game called do - it - yourself and i would put it in the igloos. you can design your own furniture item, and there would be judges. when you have fineshed your item, it would be shown to the judges. if they scored you over 50 points, you get to keep the item for free and it would be put in your inventory! if your score is under 50, you wouldn't get to keep it. there would be loads of designs to make! waddle on cp!


That's really cool Rolo23!! Actually your game also fits in with this week's question... what new igloo items would help you decorate for the holidays?

I would really love like the blow up santa and sleigh thingy or twinkling stars =D


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