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Coins For Change Results!

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Club Penguin has come out with the Coins for change results.There was about 12 BILLION coins donated! Here's the breakdown:



  • $300,000 will go to build safe places
  • $360,000 will go to protect the earth
  • $340,000 will go to provide medical help

There's also a video that you can watch here! What do you think of all the coins? How much did you donate?



Also look at this comparison!



I can't believe we donated so many coins! lol



#2 CozyBoots9130 2011-01-06 09:23
I dontaed 2,000 coins for protect the earth and 500 4 safe places and 500 4 providing medical help! =)
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#1 lollamepen 2011-01-05 01:52
i donated about 168192 coinz to protect the earth! because many workmens are cutting down trees! they made that hole in the ozone area!!!!!!!!!!! !
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