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Expetition Scavendure Hunt!

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Happy 77 put together a scavendure hunt for us. Let's see if I can check off everything!


  • Glade: Did you grab your free Expedition Hat yet?
  • Wilderness: How many machine parts have you seen? I spotted one that looks just like a red lollipop!
  • Mysterious notes: How many of these did you find? I found 5!
  • Cliff: Check out the crazy machine! It's a coffee maker, a music player and a toaster - all in one! Just remember to plug it in.
  • Shore: How fast can you build the boat? The first time was hard - now I can build it in less than a minute!
  • Brown Puffle Cave: We found brown puffles!! I've just got mine a Brown Puffle House. Have you picked one up yet?
Yup I've gotten everthing have you?


#1 yo mama 2011-01-29 14:26
you have o be a member it sucks

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