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Club Penguin Membership BUG? My Stories and Adventures :)

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Sorry this story has been so late... too much work! LOL but it's finally here and the next one will be back on schedule for next wednesday or thursday :) This one's a bit short because of homework reason (I wrote this a few days ago in like 15 minutes of break time...)  :)  Here we go :)


So I logged onto Club Penguin and I knowticed I didn't have any clothes on. I opened up my player card and realized I WASN'T A MEMBER ANYMORE!



Quickly I put on all the free clothes I had and went to talk to my Uncle Gary about my membership problem.



So I waddled over to Ski Village on my way to the Everyday Phoning Facility, and I was lucky enough to find Gary testing out the new ski lift chairs



I quickly told him that there was another bug he needed to fix. He assured me that everything was fine and that Herbert had just broken the membership hard drive that holds all the member's names. He told me that he was just about to go and fix the issure, and that everything was all fine :)



He then told me to go check on the island for any suspicious activity or any signs of Herbert or Klutzy. I went imediatly to the EPF Command Center where I saw Herbert and Klutzy



When they saw an EPF agent coming they took off into Club Penguin somewhere making an invention. I immediatly reported to Gary again and told him I saw Herbert and Klutzy sabotaging the EPF computers. Hopefully it didn't have to do with Probot!



So now I'm just sitting in my igloo waiting for my membership to get back with me... Hopefully it wont take Uncle Gary too long :) At least I still have my puffles to keep me company



Cya next week :)



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:D :lol: :-) ;-) 8) :-| :-* :oops: :sad: :cry: :o :-? :-x :eek: :zzz :P :roll: :sigh:
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clap clap clap clap clap [10 hours later] clap clap clap clap [five years later] clap clap.
#7 penganas2 2012-04-25 14:46
clap clap clap clap clap [10 hours later] clap clap clap clap [five years later] clap clap.
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im a member
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big like! - thanks .
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im am member
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Im a member
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Im a member
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can we have question corner still? PLEASE!!!!

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