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Club Penguin Times Issue #283

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April Fool's Party To Start Early!



The April Fool's Party will start earlier than planned this year, after an agent opened several sealed doors in the Box Dimension. Reports indicate the agent left the doors open by accident. Now, thanks for his bumbling, April Fool's starts sooner! Get ready for the high levels of wackiness. The ridiculous rooms will be cleared for entry next week. Currently, the agent's identity is classified. A source tells us, "That EASLILY PERPLEXED FOOL took a wrong turn in the box dimension! Mwa ha ha!" (Possibly herber? Oh wow Rookie what have you done this time?) The souce continued to laugh maniacally for several minutes. Get ready to take advantage of this happy accident when the party starts early on March 25!


Wacky Costumes Are Coming!



Get ready to wackify your wardrobe. Costume designers are creating new looks inspired by the Box Dimension.! "For this Penguin Style Catalog, we're really thinking outside the box," said one designer. "Acutally... that makes it in the box!" Designers are researching the dimension's many landscapes. "One look has a real 'star' appeal," said the designer."I hope it's a 'universal' hit!" "Another outfit is inspired by dusty terrain and another - oops I've said too much! That's all I can dessert- I mean divuldge!" Check out the loopy looks when they hit the gift shop April 1!


And all that's left is the upcoming events:



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