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Review By You: Earth Day!!!!!

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Last week, Club Penguin said that we were going to celebrate animals on earth day. YAY!!!! I love animals!! Anyways Clup Penguin wanted you to send a comment of your favorite animals. Mine is a Monkey!!! Here is one of the comments Clup Penguin got. The comment was from.......

Deception 1


My favorite animal of all time is a manatee. I love how they're so gentle, and they look so cuddly! Manatees are very sweet, and I would love to meet one! Manatees are nicknamed "sea-cows", because they are vegetarians, and eat lots of grass and sea-plants. In my dreams, I don't ride on backs of dolphins, I ride on magnificant manatees, decked out in gold and jewels!


For this weeks Review By You, Club Penguin wants you to send them a comment about what you are going to do during earth day to help the enviorment. I want to plant a tree in my backyard because there is a huge blank spot in my backyard and it looks so ugly.

The tree will provide a nice shelter for the birds because some birds dont have a home.


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