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My Medieval Adventure Chapter 5

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“PAUL! PAUL!” I knew he wouldn’t hear my screams. Our dragons were going separate directions. I was so scared at where this dragon is taking me. I was too high up to be able to see anything and it was still really foggy out so that just added to the effect of mystery. ‘Was this part of my test? Did I fail because a dragon is holding me up?’ Just then I thought of something else. ‘how are we going to land? If the dragon can’t see anything he might hit something or worse; hit me…’ It was like the dragon was hearing my thoughts because only a few seconds later I felt his claws loosed up on my shoulders. ‘YES!’ I thought ‘We’re going to land!’ But that was the last thing that the dragon was doing. The dragon wasn’t getting lower at all, if anything he was getting higher. 3….2….1… then the dragon dropped me!


I was zooming down past all the fog and everything. ‘oh no! I’m going to hit the ground!’ I thought. It was coming closer and closer every second. Then I went underground. You would think that I would hit the ground and break a couple bones, but instead, I bounced on the ground and was fine! “Hey…. This is made of pillows! Haha!”


Then somewhere in the room I heard a voice. “You really thought it would be that easy Princess? Huh? Just bouncing around on pillows?” said the voice. “Who are you and where are you.” I asked with a stern voice. “Oh that doesn’t matter. All that matters is this: You know your friends; the wizard and Paul?” said the voice “WHERE ARE THEY?” I said madly. “Oh temper temper. Don’t worry they’re fine… for now, Here I’ll show you.” Just then a wall moved and showed me two people behind a few bars. “WIZARD!!!! PAUL!!!”


I started running to them but just before I reached halfway, the floor broke open. “Nope… once again not so easy is it! The only way to save your friends is to defeat THIS!”


Just then a three headed beast popped out from the hole in the floor. It roared and I thought there was no way to defeat it… until I looked over at my right hand. There held a sword and a shield. “Use your skills wisely Princess.” And the voice was gone.



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