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Purple Dragons Sighted!



Rumors about purple dragons are ablaze around the island. "They're real!" claims one photographer! "Look I snapped a photo of one! Well you can't see it's face, and it's black and white..."



"... but the myth is real!" insisted the photographer. "The photo proves it!" A good friend of the photographer weighed in: "Of course purple dragons are real," he reported. "You can pick up the costume from the Medieval Catalog right now! I tried telling my friend that, but he didn't seem to be listening. Hopefully he checks it out soon. Purple Dragon Costumes are only avalible in the gift shop until the Medieval Party ends May 29th!"


Get Ready to Rock Out!


Clothing designers are busy sewing some rocking new outfits for the Music Jam. Candence, the island's resident dance expert, has been helping with the new styles. "First thing - you gotta move." she said. "Then you gotta stand out."  "Trust me there'll be no missing these looks on stage." Designers were working on off-stage outfits too. " We've got lots of trendy scarves and hats," reported candence. "Plus some rockin' t-shirts! So get ready to amp up your look when the Music Jam Catalog hits the gift shop on June 3rd!"


And the upcoming events:



Don't forget to rate this article! Also in other new I just finished the 6 chapter long story about Princess Sk8tergrl doing her quest. It's really awesome so go check out all 6 chapters in the links below :)


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