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Club Penguin Times Issue #294

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New Music Clothing Is Out Now!



Music Jam Looks are here. The gift shop is bursting with colorful instruments and stylish stage outfits. One singer weighed in on the new styles

"I love this neon hoodie" said the singer. "And I can't wait to show off the zebra scarf." "These styles are going to make my preformance pop!" "I'm stocking up on instruments too," she said. "The green keytar is my favorite." Be sure to check out the new instruments and outfits - in the Gift Shop now!


The next article has roll-overs. Here is what each one says:



1. Rock the latest Music Jam styles in the Gift Shop

2. Crank up the volume with band practice in your igloo!

3. Gear up with instruments in the Lighthouse.

4. Chill out with some campfire songs at the Cove.


And the upcoming events:



Starting Now: Penguin Style. New music items are avalible at the Gift Shop

Starting June 10th: Music Jam Construmction. Help Set up the stages for the Music Jam

Starting June 10th: Secrets of the Bamboo Forest: Quest Beyond the Stage...


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