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Music Reviewed By You!

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Last Week CP wanted to know what instrument you liked the most. Here's what Sunihh said:


My favorite would be the piano because you can give a soft tone or something to rock with! Also you can go so high or so low depending on the mood. You can create a master piece with the piano! I play the piano and write songs all the time, I do this because it either makes me feel happy,sad,anrgy, and maybe it just makes you want to dance! That i swhy I like the piano the best! Waddle on Cp!


Very nice! I play the guitar all the time and I make songs up while I'm not blogging :) I also do a little bit of keyboarding which I like because you can change what the notes sound like, record yourself, and add along a beat ;)


This week CP wants to know What is your favorite song in Club Penguin and what do you like best about it? Actually, last year, durring the 101 days of fun, CP added the April Fools song sheet music to the Community blog! I love that song not only because I can play it well on the keyboard, but also because it's very fun, and surprising to play :) What's your favorite song? Leave me a comment below! Also don't forget to rate this post if you like it ;)

Waddle On CPL!



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