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Club Penguin Times Issue #297

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New Ninja Items Revealed!



The dojo has been crowded this week. Member Ninjas have been talking about the new items in the martial arts catalog in the Ninja Hideout. "My ninja mask was just the beginning." said one ninja. "Now I will enter the hideout-and see the new items


The lightning Gi and the Golden Sun Suit are proving popular. "I am honored to wear such fine robes," said the ninja. Others are whispering about secret items: "Search the shadows of the Martial Arts catalog," said another ninja. "Your patience will be rewarded." Member ninjas can see the new items in the hideout now. Remember - to enter the Hideout, ninjas must first earn the nina mask by defeating Sensei in Card Jitsu.


Ahoy! Adventuring Outfits Ahead!


Penguins craving excitement will soon have their pick of swashbuckling outfits. One castaway is on the lookout for brave thrill-seekers. "Epic adventures are on the way." he said. "I'm looking for the gutsiest pirates! The daring-est Navy! And the swimming-est of mermaids." "Set sail for the gift shop on June 30th - but only if yer brave enough!"


And the upcoming events:



June 30th: New Pin, and New Penguin Style Catalog

July1st: Pay Day!

July 8: Better Igloos Catalog and New Music!


Wow one party right after So are you excited for the Adventure Party, or will it be the same exact thing as last year? Leave me a comment below with your answer! Also don't forget to rate this post!

Waddle on CPL!




#7 sk8tergrl483 2011-06-26 20:21
Actually, I think I may be having one sometime in July for a Beach Bash.... Stay tuned ^_^
Waddle On!
#6 Ejgirl3000 2011-06-26 12:22
I think the new stuff is really cool! I cant wait till the new catalog comes out
#5 sandly5678 2011-06-26 08:00
this my also my frist advemcure patry
#4 sandly5678 2011-06-26 07:59
yay pay day
ps. i use to be a mermber of cp but it experd on wensday but my forgot to get my merbership and im going to get i today because i need get my mermship
pss. i like to play h2o just add water
#3 lizzie67231 2011-06-26 01:31
thankyou for replying!
can you please tell me when your next party is?
#2 sk8tergrl483 2011-06-25 06:47
Wow! Congrats I hope it's a fun experience for you :-) I'm pretty sure the adventure party has been going on on CP for 3 years now? I think so :-)
#1 lizzie67231 2011-06-24 20:11
this is my first adventure party!

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