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Cream Soda Found! Mystery Remains...



Treasure hunters have uncovered cream soda barrels. "Ye be the finest pirates!" said rockhopper. "Once ye find my missing barrels - come to the pizza parlor. There be bottles of cream soda at every tabe Yar har!" the cream soda is trickeling in but one question is still unanswered...

Why wasn't the captains cream soda delivered? Rockhopper is still looking for answers. "Arr I not be sure mateys. I don't remember burring it. But once i burried me cheese in me beard. And then i forgot about if for ages-so i could be wrong!"  Either way rockhopper still wants the treasure hunt to continue. "If ye still got a taste for treasure, head to me ship - it be docked at the beach. Ye can dig for rubies in me Captain's Quarters. Just don't forget the key. Har har har."


Speedy Snow Gear Soon!



Extreme sports gear is coming! "I'm so stoked," said one snowboarder. "I can't wait to show off my moves!" "I wonder why we're getting all this extreme gear. Something epic must be on the way... What ever it is I hope we get a chance to COMPETE! 'Cause standing on the winner's podiam would be gnarley!" "Extreme gear is speeding into the gift shop on August 4th. I'll race you there!"


Woah... knowtice how i underlined the word COMPETE... is this going to be the next penguin games? Or something else...  Next the upcoming events:



August 4th: Penguins style catalog, August Party revealed... (wonder what that could be...)

August 18th: New/old play arrives! Blue vs. Red!


New pin: August 11th :)


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