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Field Op Mission 58!

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Today I was alarmed when I saw my spyphone blinking. I quickly went to HQ and saw there was a new Field Op. What's this week's mission Gary?


"With the Card Jitsu Party still on, I think this is a great opportunity to test a theory of mine. Sneak into the Fire Dojo, find a hidden signal and decode it. We have Sensei's permission to do so."


Cool! Here's the signal!



Time to play the mini-game:




"Great work Agent! IF you're reading this message, you managed to sneak into the Fire Dojo and decode it. I've always wondered who would be better at stealth - a ninja, or a stealth agent. Maybe I should learn Card-Jitsu to find out!"

What a great idea Dot! I will arrange that with Sensei to begin training immediatly! You'll become a black belt in no time!


Waddle On CPL!



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