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EPF: Mini-Mission 34!

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There's a new field op out! Let's go to the command center to get more information:



We have evidence that Herbert and Probot are using citizen computers for their plans. We must act quietly. Work together to find citizen computers for unusual programs. I have a new tool ready for you to use too.


Woah! Gary! This isn't good! Oh and what's the new tool?


Let's try the Recycling Center Computer :)


Passcode required! Decrypt the passcode! Match the shape to the right to decode the security. Be quick - the system will lock you out in 30 seconds!



Cool! Oh no HERBERT!



To: UP10K " Probot! We've wasted enough time attcking the EPF's system defender. Those fowl fools are better than I thought. We need a new plan. Send wheelbot to my lair, I need a design. Oh - and stop calling me polar bear.


Wow herbert... Why can't we just be friends....


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