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Medieval Party Super Sneak Peek

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Club Penguin is having a Medieval Party for us on May 8 - 17! They also came out with a super sneak peek!
Image of Club Penguin Medieval Party
There will be bringing back some of the last year Medieval Party stuff that we thought was cool, and some new things. Tales of the Dragon in the Mine? Whoa, what would that be? Coffee shop and the Pizza Parlor are going to be fit for royalty too. Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder what food they will serve... For members, they will have a Knights Quest (sorry nonmembers!!! I will have pictures to show though!!!). Anything else? Oh yeah, I almost forgot - Members, make sure to save up your coins to buy a toboggan for sled racing, and new tunes for the dance competition!! It will be here tomorrow. Wow this week went by fast!!



#2 Alicia0228 2012-10-20 17:03
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#1 Ramon 2010-04-22 00:17
Is this the 2010 1?
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