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New in November 2010!

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November just rolled in and some new stuff is rolling out! Here's a sneak peek for November:



I KNEW IT! Card jistsu water is coming! Yes! New spy stuff? Possibly EPF MISSIONS? That would be nice.... any day now cp and day :) And CP times getting a new look? I don;t even know where to start. What do you think will happen? Better? Worse? Tell me in the comments!



#11 lizzie67231 2011-06-06 04:19
um...translatio n please?
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#10 JOHANNHEROE 2010-11-14 09:24
MI PENGUINO ES johannheroe y su contra es:sandro quiero q me agan socio ya pero si e hacen algo malo a mi penguino los demandare
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#9 Cutie12390 2010-11-13 14:12
You should ask for a membership for your birthday.
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#8 Tennboy 2010-11-06 05:54
like a new game for NINGAS I read it!
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#7 sk8tergrl483 2010-11-05 03:41
thats a great idea! I might use that! Thankyou fir theidea! :-)
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#6 sk8tergrl483 2010-11-05 03:40
Hi alsome bro!!
I usually skip around servers but i mostly go on mountain! Try and spot me if not we can arrange to see eachother!!!
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#5 alsome 2010-11-04 13:29
hey i never see you u on cp can u try and tell me when ur having the membership contest im a member and i whant to try p.s can u tell me when your gonna be on cp again and can u tell me which server your going to be on thanks
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#4 Myohmy 2010-11-04 03:47
Hey maybe the membership contest could be the first one AND maybe you write down questions that have to do with this website and people can look though articles to answer it! get it?
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#3 Sheesh4 2010-11-03 08:00
Yeah, it does... I am so glad that you are going to have another membership contest! You should make it hard though. Like have some questions, too, as well as pictures. Make it hard, that's my suggestion! =D Thanks so much! LOL! Yeah... Sheesh4 is kind of a boy name, but I am a girl. This is how I came up with my name: I kept entering names I liked and they kept being taken when I signed up, so finally I got fed up, and randomly put in Sheesh. That was taken but it suggested Sheesh4 and it became my name! How old are you?! I hear that you are in 7th grade, too!!!! You are so awesome sk8tergrl and so is your site!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! thanks so much!!! u rock!!! ;-) =) =D
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#2 sk8tergrl483 2010-11-03 04:33
Aww that stinks! I'm having another membership contest soon so good luck. Oh and Happy B-day Sheesh! Sorry I have t remember your a girl :-)
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