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Club Penguin Times Issue #321

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Coins For Change Is Here!


Coins For Change is on now! Penguins all over the island are helping funnel donations into the Lighthouse. "We can make a huge difference this year," said one penguin. "If we fill the Lighthouse, I heard the donation will double to $2 Million, so let's get to it!"

"To earn coins, I'm playing lots of Jet Pack Adventure," he continued. "I want to stay close to all the donation action at the Beach. I have a feeling this will be our biggest year yet. We've got to get the word out to everyone. That's why I visited Rockhopper's Ship and picked up the Coins For Change T-Shirt. I heard Rockhopper may even stop by to help with the donations. Everyone should come down to the Beach!" Join the excitement to help fill the Lighthouse! Coins for Change continues until December 27.


Deck the Halls Igloo Contest!



Attention festive igloo fans! An igloo contest is being held this month, to celebrate the holidays. Here's the info:

When is it?

Decorators can submit their igloo design anytime between December 22 - 27. A new Holiday Edition of Better Igloos catalog is out this week to help you get started.

How do I enter?

When your igloo is ready for the judges,click the gold igloo to submit it. Don't change your igloo after you submit it. Give the judges a chance to see it!

Any advice from the judges?

The judges will be looking for creative designs. Small igloos, big igloos, it doesn't matter what size, It's all about creating the most festive holiday igloo. Start saving coins now, and check next week's newspaper for more details.


And the upcoming events:



Now: Bakery in the lounge, coins for change,

December 14: Get free gift in the Forest through Dec 25

December 29: Fireworks, new pin




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