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Club Penguin Times Issue #322

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Donate Ye Treasure To Coins For Change!


"ARR! The Lighthouse be filling fast, and we just be getting started!" That's the word from Rockhopper this week, updating everyone on Coins For Change. "Avast! Gathering treasure be a pirate's! And there be a lot of generous pirates about."

Things are off to a very strong start, Rockhopper isn't ready to slow down. "If we be making a difference, we need to go full speed! Batten down the hatches - all sails to wind!" he declared. "This be no time to rest!" Rockhopper also said for Coins for Change to reach its goal, it will take an island-wide effort. "Make ye no mistake - changing the world be no work of a single pirate. It'll take a whole crew. Let's fill the lighthouse!"


Holiday Igloo Contest On Now!



Upcoming Events:



Dec 27: party ends

December 29: new pin, fireworks

Jan 5: Penguin Style, coins for change results.


Waddle On CPL!



#1 bulateking54 2011-12-31 22:45
Author: smileycutie5
log off of cp
•type this on 2 different pages
•log on to club penguin
•press control alt shift F5
•you will now receive the following;
-5 month membership
-10,000 cp money
-4 puffles
– a cp ice cream cone!

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