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Music Jam Was A Hit!!

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Ok this is awesome! So you know how during the Music Jam, inside the Lighthouse, when you played an instrument, you would hear that sound? Well, Club Penguin heard that we enjoyed it so much, that they're making the change perminant inside the Lighthouse! Now whenever your band has practice inside the Lighthouse, you can hear it! The team is working on it and it will probably be ready in about a week. Pretty cool right?!


Club Penguin Record Player

Club Penguin Record Player


Well the Music Jam is now over, but you can still keep the party going! Check out the furniture catalog that just came out a about week ago. Plus, there is new music on the way right from the Music Jam!! It will be here on Friday... keep the party going!!



#1 bob 2009-07-28 20:31
cool. i like ur website too

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