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Sensei Shares Secrets About The Volcano

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Finally! Some news about the volcano. If you go to the newspaper in Club Penguin, you can find what Sensei said about the volcano.


Sensei's Volcano Information



Sensei has tamed the volcano with a special amulet. This is what the Goldsmiths are making right now. Sensei says," My students, listen ... The great Volcano is tamed... Soon it will aid us. Come to the Hideout, our first step will be to forage new Ninja Amulets. The time is coming for you all to continue your ninja journeys..." The amulets will be made from gold, and inside will be a special black gem. This might be the new game. Coolz...


Also this is way off topic, but since this is in the newspaper, why don't we continue with the upcoming events:


Nov 6 - Dec 3 - Penguin Style Catalog

Nov 13 - Dec 10 - New play at the stage.

Nov 13 - New postcards

Nov 20 - New better igloo's catalog

Nov 6 - New pin


Cool, so tomorrow we have a new pin, and a clothing catalog!



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hi haw do you get all this stuff x
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