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Puffle Stories Reviewed By You!

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Last week Club Penguin wanted us to make a puffle story. Here's what Gwenn 78 said

"If I wrote a story about puffles, it would be about their "history". Puffles used to live in a place called Puffle Island. It was the perfect home for puffles. How did they wind up in Club Penguin? Well, it all started when a Blue Puffle was a bit lonely. It was tired of playing with his puffle friends. He wanted to go out and explore the world! So a group of blue puffles journeyed across the sea and came across Club Penguin! Oh, how happy they were! One puffle went back to tell the others. Soon, the red puffles came. They even met Rockhopper on the way, and took one with him! All the others came too. Yellow puffles needed more space to create beautiful art. Purple puffles wanted to dance with other people and with music! The pink puffles needed equipment for exercising. The black puffles didn't want to be left out! The orange puffles were too late because they took too many naps on the way! The brown puffle was working on an invention! Soon, Club Penguin was their home. But thousands of others are still on Puffle Island. Who knows? They might be waiting for the right owner to come by! Maybe it's you . . ."




Wow! Very creative Gwenn! This week CP wants to know if you were a puffle, which one would you be... and why?


I would have to say I would be the orange puffle. I am outgoing and zany and love to sleep too ;-) hehe....



#1 free3667 2011-02-11 18:57
I would be a black puffle because they get to be on FIYA!!!!!!!!

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