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Update On DJ3K! Create Your Own Igloo Music!

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OK so I was going on Club Penguin and I started to play DJ3K when it said to choose to a cd to create music for your igloo. Here are the steps to make the music for your igloo……


Step 1. Go to DJ3K


Step 2. Click on the cd you like




Step 3. Click the big red dot on the top of your screen to record your music



Step 4. Click the big red dot again to stop recording



Step 5.Click the save button but you have to be a member



Step 6.Then you name your music that you just made



Step 7. Then you can either create another mix or go to your igloo



Step 8. When you are in you igloo click where you choose your music for your igloo and on the top of your screen it will have the music you made.


Step 9. Click on it to listen to and it will also set it as your music theme for you igloo!!



I honestly LOVE that idea! Club Penguin is coming up with more create your own ideas! Don’t you agree!

-Jamie5156- J



#2 pinkco179 2011-06-28 02:17
its is awsome right i tryed it oh yeah rockhoppers npassword is clubpinguin
#1 lizzie67231 2011-06-24 00:55

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