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Reviewed By You: Memories

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Ok this weeks Reviewed By You question was, what you like most about the Music Jam. Zoeyice said,


Hey Club Penguin! I love the music jam! My favorite part is how there is so many different styles of music. I also love going to penguin's own music jams at their igloos! Oh, and I love how the Penguin Band floats in this year and their rocking new threads! Oh, and I hope to meet Candance and the Penguin Band. Waddle on!!


Cool, My favorite part of the music jam is all the different styles on the stage like the country theme and the girly theme. But what I dont like is only 100 penguins can get in a room so if the penguin band is backstage, only 100 of us can get in!




Ok So this weeks Reviewed By You is Club Penguin wants to know what your first memory was when you waddled into Club Penguin. Thats a good question.....

My first memory was when I loaded into ski village and I saw all the penguins dressed up exept for me! :( (It was because i was not a member yet) Also after that moment i remember walking up to someone who said "free tours here" and of coarse, I got a free tour!


Sk8tergrl483 also wanted to comment on this post her first memory was... When she loaded into the Town and she rembers thinking that she did nnot know her way around. SHe was also very exited to be waddling around CP for the very first time. She also remembers going into the snow forts and seeing the paddle ball pin. It did not looked like it belonged, so she waddled over to the pin and ended up picking it up by accident.


Cool! So what was your first memory when you first waddled into CP???





#1 lizzie67231 2011-06-24 02:57
Actually last year the music jam was on when i came to club penguin!
i remember getting a tour and finding out about the EPF and getting an invite to join.
i did my first mission and adopted two puffles and found the friendship braclet and key to captins quarters.

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