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My Medieval Adventure Chapter 1

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I love the medieval party; the princesses the princes the fire-breathing dragons, yea I love all of those things but the thing that I love the most is the adventures. I honestly love being the pretty princess in red, and everytime I dress up, I feel like I am in a real fairytale!


Ahh the royal library, One of my favorite places to be! This is actually where my adventure began. Before I went on an adventure though, I knew I had to learn about the battle gear or else I would be eaten alive by one of those menacing dragons that stop by every now and then.



So I sat down in the royal library and I picked out a good book. “Ye olde library is the perfect place to be on a crazy afternoon after some fun.” I said. I giggled! “All this medieval party stuff is actually making me talk like I’m in the 1700’s!”



As soon as I opened the book a brilliant white and yellow glow surrounded me and the book. “That crazy Norman Swarm! He’s probably put something in this book again!” I wiped it off and started  reading.



I was only getting a couple of pages into the book when suddenly a court jester appeared in a tasseled tunic. He was looking a bit weird, but It’s the medieval party and everything is weird. I still had questions though. “Who are you?” I questioned the creepy court jester. “Al.”



“Well Al,” I said. “what brings you here?” He gave me a creepy face a said, “Your parents, king and queen, have sent me to grant you one wish, for it is your night of test.” Al then gave me a creepy grin. I thought about what Al had said long and hard. ‘king and queen? Night of test? Wishes?!’ I thought. ‘Am I a REAL princess?’



I looked up and remembered Al was still there and thought a little questioning wouldn’t hurt. “Ok three things, Al, one, Shouldn’t a wizard be doing a “granted wish” thing? Two, My parents aren’t the king and queen. And three, What is this ‘test’?” “Oh silly princess! I also double for the wizard. See?” Al suddenly turned into a wizard faster than a blink of an eye.



“Your parents warned me you might do this but you must take this test in order to become the future Queen of Club Penguin. Don’t try to get out of your royal obligation princess Sk8tergrl. You know as well as I do that you must be faithful to the peasants of Club Penguin.” “Bu….” I was interrupted by Al again. “No ‘Buts’ princess. You have exactly one hour for your test now I MUST know your wish.” “fine” I said back. Without thinking I blurted out an answer, “I wish I…I…I had no help with this test! The only help I want is a magical dragon.” “Very well.” Said Al. And that was it. Before my very eyes, there was yet another brilliant flash and the next thing I saw was pitch blackness.


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