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Question Corner: Question 19!

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This week's question comes from Cutie12390

"I'm sorry that i haven't been coming on lately, on here and clubpenguin. I agree with you about the hearts lol. Here's my question ; do you only have one penguin, and if you DON'T have more than one penguin, do you think people should have more than one penguin, or do you think it's just a waste of time?"

I actually have 3 penguins. I joined Club Penguin in October 2007. My first penguin's name is Blueflica. Over time I created another penguin named Hermione708. My first two penguins were nonmembers. Finally in 2008 I created a new penguin named Sk8tergrl483 and I finally got a membership. I honestly think that is is a waste of time because I never use my other 2 penguins. Honestly sometimes it's cool to have more than one penguin, like if you are famous, you can have another one so you can go and get the cheats! Thanks Cutie 12390!
Thanks again Cutie 12390! If you'd like to send me a question through question corner please send me a comment under this post and next week I'll pick out another question!

Question Corner: Question 18!

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I got a LOT of questions last week :) Thanks guys! This week's question comes from natesonstar

"How can you become a cpl agent?"
It's actually very easy! Here's 3 simple steps!

1. Send a picture of your penguin with a user name, and give a brief description of why you want to be a CPL Agent. Please use email to send your picture and description. You can use the feedback page to contact us for our direct e-mail address. Then answer a lot of user's questions and I will see if you update. If you are dedicated I will send you an email giving you a list of questions for like an interview type thing, and will post an information post of the website stating you are a CPL agent!

2. Once you are an official CPL agent, we'll add CPL Agent next to your username so people know you are official!

3. Be polite when answering a question in a comment. You were once a beginner too!


Since that question was easy to answer here's a bonus question for your enjoyment from Memadez

"Do you think its crazy that on CP people have online relationships?"
Yes... People on CP are usualy ages 6 - 12 ( I'm an odd ball at 13 XD), and I don't think they should be sending hearts to eachother... I don't know about you guys but if they want a boyfriend they should use an online dating site... now CP. Then again it is fun to pretend, but it isn't real. :D CP is abut having fun with friends, playing game, missions, helping out CP, and just being fun and expressing yourself! That's how I play CP :)
Please leave a comment below with a question and I might answer it :)

Question Corner Back On Schedule!

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Ok now that the contest is over, Club Penguin Land Question Corner is being back on schedule. Same rules you leave questions, I answer them :) Please leave a comment below to ask a question and I might answer it next week! Thank you all for participating in the Card Jitsu Code Contest! I had a lot of fun reading all your comments! We will have another one soon! In the mean time, let's do more questions :)Let's seen how many questions I can get this year! See you guys next week!  :)

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