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New Map Full Breakdown :)

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Well I have finally gotten the update for the new map and lots of other cool stuff. This map has been around since the begining on CP, with a few tweeks here and there. With all the new updates CP has been doing lately this was certainly one that needed it. Let's get started with the new map when you first see it:



As you can see you can choose in the tabs between games,places,shopping, and pets :) Let's first see what pops up if we click on games:


Loads of them pop up! If you click on a game it will take you right to it! We have sled racing, ice fishing, jet pack adventure, Hydro Hopper, Bean Counters, Astro Barrier, DJ3K, Dance Comptition, Puffle Launch, Puffle Roundup, Card Jitsu, Puffle Rescue, Pizzatron 3000, Cart Surfer, Aqua Grabber, and Cachin' waves. Pretty legit new design! This will make getting around the island much easier, and quicker. It also gives newbes some games to play that they might not know were there :) Great job :)



Next if you click on places, this pops up:


Before: map11-update1

After:    june11-map-update2

The same old map that we've seen before, but with better graphics, and a much neater look. I wan't to point your attention to a few spots though: 1 The Iceberg doesn't glow up. I think this was ment to be by CP because they want to keep it a secret. Many penguins know about the iceberg, but some new comers don't :) Second, I want you to point your attention to the area with the pond by the igloos, that will most likely not be a new room. Why? Because it is where penguins first come to get a tutorial on CP. Possibly in the future we might get a community area. :)


Next tab: Shopping:



You would think the only place you would go shopping would be the gift shop but no. This new tab points out many other shopping places you wouldn't think about, like the upgrades to games or the catalog in the lighthouse. Anyway another ideal tab for the map :) Great job CP on the new upgrades :)


But one more tab: The Pet's tab:



This gets me curious and makes me start thinking "Why would there be a tab for only one place on the map?" It seems like a waste of time on the CP team's part in my opinion. There's only one reason that I can think of as to why they would add a pet's tab: Different animals. Or maybe it would even be the elite puffles or something like that. It kind of stumps me so I want to know from you what YOU think this tab might be for for the future. Leave me a comment below with your answer to the question and don't forget to rate this article if you like it :)

Waddle On CPL!




#2 lizzie67231 2011-06-30 02:49
i dunno!
thats really odd!
#1 mac mouse 1 2011-06-29 02:30
Puffle games/contests perhaps

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